Option 1: Individual Pro++ membership: get full, immediate access to all the practice plans, drills, games, technical syllabus and coaching notes PLUS get an instant FREE copy of Small Sided Games (hardcopy RRP 8.99) for a single payment of 19.99.

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Option 2: Club membership: provide Pro++ membership for all the coaches in your club for just 49.95, regardless if you have ten coaches or a hundred!

Please note: all of your coaches will have access to our unique 24/7 email support and they will all get a copy of Small Sided Games.

If you choose this option, your own username and password will be sent to you immediately. I will provide your coaches with their own, unique log-in details as soon as you send me a list of their names and email addresses.

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Why choose Premium?

Premium practice plans are easy to follow, suitable for all age groups and cover every skill and technique that you need to teach to your players.

Premium not only saves you the time it takes to plan your training sessions, it reassures you that you're teaching your players exactly what they need to know in the most efficient way possible.

No more wondering what to teach your players, how to teach them or what game or drill to use....the knowledge that you're following a structured technical syllabus written by a UEFA coach....56 practice plans plus 97 exclusive drills and games plus unrestricted email and forum support.

how much is that worth to you?